Matthew 6

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3 Seekers of food, drink and clothing 1 Place of prayer
7 Sees you in secret 2 They toil not nor spin
11 The heathen use these 4 The light of the body
15 Not to be done before men 5 The Father's dwelling
16 Shall take thought for the things of itself 6 Sad hypocrites' activity
18 Riches 8 Doesn't know what the right does
20 To be forgiven 9 To be sought first
21 Flittering corrupter 10 Not to be stored up on earth
24 Break through and steal 12 Glorious king
28 Result of an evil eye 13 They sow not nor reap
29 Don't be led here 14 Cast in the oven tomorrow
30 The Father's name 17 Corrupter
  19 Found with our treasures
  22 Man can't serve two
  23 Hypocrites sound these in the streets
  25 Measurement
  26 Give us this day our daily...
  27 To be done on earth as in heaven

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